Digital X-rays / Radiographs

Digital radiography streamlines patient care and treatment

digital radiographEndodontic Associates implemented digital x-ray technology in our endodontic offices in 2006. This technology not only benefits patients by exposing them to less radiation but also streamlines communication with referring doctors’ offices.

Benefits of digital x-rays for patients and referring offices

  • Patients are exposed to less radiation. Digital radiographs use one-sixth the dose of radiation as compared to conventional x-rays.
  • We can easily share images on a computer screen with patients and referring dentists allowing a thorough explanation of problems and treatment procedures.
  • Appointments are expedited. Faster image processing leads to less time that patients spend waiting in the dental chair.
  • Digital x-rays allow us to communicate quickly and clearly with referring dentists as the images are readily available and easily transferred.
  • This technology is friendly to the environment since chemicals are not used to process the images.