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Intracanal Irrigation Devices

Devices improve the cleaning of the canal after instrumentation

A new focus in endodontics is improving the ability to chemically irrigate, clean and disinfect the canal. The use of standard irrigation syringes has the disadvantage of not being able to carry the needle close to the apex in order to deliver the irrigant. irrigationThere are two reasons for this problem, (1) the size of the irrigating needle, and (2) the risk of injecting irrigants out of the canal.

There are several devices that enhance the cleaning of the canal following instrumentation. The two that we are using are the Endo Vac and Endo Activator.

Endo Vac

The Endo Vac is a device that employs a modified cardiac stent. The cardiac stent is a small tube that has been turned into a suction tip that is roughly the diameter of a #32 file.  It is carried within 2 mm of the apex and then suction pulls the irrigant through the root canal system.  This flow of irrigant ensures the apical 1/3 is irrigated to significantly enhance the removal of tissue, dentin smear layer and bacterial contamination.  The use of suction to move the irrigant near the apex reduces the risk of a severe hypochlorite accident being expressed out the apex of a tooth. 

Endo Activator

The other device, the Endo Activator, is a sonically activated instrument. A plastic file is sonically activated while in the canal. This sonic activity causes acoustic streaming of the irrigant throughout the canal enhancing the cleaning of the canal.