Microscope Technology

Magnification and fiber optic illumination aid the doctor
in seeing details inside the patient's tooth

microscopeMagnification in endodontics has been the state-of-the-art for many years. Endodontic Associates was the first endodontic practice in Central California to incorporate the microscope. Dr. Kevin Keating has spent many years teaching other endodontists who were adding the microscope to their practice. He continues to teach endodontic residents in the use of the microscope.

The benefits of microscope technology are many. Operating microscopes provide optimal magnification and fiber optic illumination during endodontic treatment, aiding the doctor in seeing tiny details inside a patient's tooth. In addition, a tiny video camera on the operating microscope can record images of the patient's tooth to further document the endondontist's findings during examinations and endodontic treatment.