Full circle of care

Helping patients feel welcome, comfortable and confident with the treatment they receive from us

Step 1. Schedule your appointment

Your dentist just referred you to see an endodontist. Our staff is ready to help! With four convenient locations and eight endodontists, we are here to get you scheduled and help with your insurance and financial questions.


Step 2. Prepare for your visit

When you call to schedule your appointment, our staff will give you login information for our online secure patient portal. You can complete your registration forms before you come in for your visit.


Step 3. Your visit

Our endodontists will complete an examination and explain what to expect. In some cases treatment will be completed during your first visit. If another appointment is needed, our staff will get you scheduled before you leave.


Step 4. After treatment

Our staff will send you home with care instructions. After your root canal, you will need to see your general dentist for a restorative procedure. We recommend scheduling within 4 weeks of your final treatment unless otherwise instructed by your endodontist.


Step 5. Follow-up care and communication

Our clinical team will contact you following your treatment to ensure that your tooth is doing well. We have an endodontist on call 24/7 in the unlikely event of an emergency. We will send a complete report of your treatment to your dentist.


Ready to schedule? Call us at one of our four office locations to schedule your appointment.

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